KimSingsSongs... Then Posts Pictures of Food??

My Instagram is KimSingsSongs. It would imply that I probably shoot a lot of videos of myself singing. Oh it’s quite the opposite. Instead, I post pictures of food. Years ago, I was the girl who was afraid of ovens. Fast forward to now: I took two weeks off to rest and ended up spending the whole two weeks in my kitchen. My life at the moment is wake up, cook, and sing. That’s it.

It started off as me cooking because I had to. I found that eating Paleo keeps my tummy pretty happy, but it can be time consuming since most things are made from scratch. I didn’t really understand Paleo at first so my food wasn’t interesting and I was throughly annoyed by how much time I spent in the kitchen. After what would equate to 2 months straight on Pinterest and every book written by Danielle Walker, the meals I make aren’t so bad anymore!

Now more people have actually eaten my food and the feedback much to my surprise has been positive! So now cooking has become fun!

I think I love it because it gives me the chance to create something, so I am being creative in that moment. I’m not going to abandon my music career and start a restaurant, but I will proudly continue to add food pictures to Instagram.