I'm Featured On a Blog!!

Well this is different! I'm on a blog! Well... Something about me and a small picture of my face in the lower right hand corner. Emily Jean, the amazing graphic designer who designed my logo, has the color board she made for me on her blog!

I'm happy with the end result and how easy it was to work with Emily. Before contacting her about it, I knew she takes her work very seriously. I only work with people who not only know what they're doing, but are passionate about what they do. 

We knew each other as kids and reconnected by frequenting the same at Starbucks. After admiring the things she was pinning on Pinterest, I was convinced she had to do my logo.

Take a look at her blog, especially the one with my stuff! It's a small peek in to behind the-scenes of what went in to all this whole redesign process.

Until next time!


Oh and the intro video to her site... cutest video ever. Can I get one like that for me?

How to PrePare for A Photo Shoot

They're here! My pictures are here!!! The pictures from photo shoot with Blue Harvest Photography. They look fantastic! When I called up Bruce and Colleen, I told them about how I wanted to look like an adult and almost like a fashion model. They nailed it.

It's a very very different look for me - my hair is in a fro-hawk! I feel like it reflects a side of the performer in me that has been showcased before. My other photos have been very singer-songwriterish. This leans toward rocker-chick yet feminine.

Oh! Some drama: With no warning, like the weather has a bad habit of doing in this region, it turned brutally cold on day 1 of the shoot. But thank goodness Bruce and Colleen think on their toes and had a plan to keep me from freezing! The location they chose was warm. I couldn't have been more thankful. I despise cold weather. I say I'm allergic to it.

Anyway, I feel like I was much more prepared for this shoot than previous ones. So I pass along these basic tips on how to prepare for a photoshoot for anyone who has one coming up, particularly ladies:

  • Don't just pick any photographer. Make sure you're familiar with and LIKE their work.
  • Schedule your hair and make-up at least 1 month out.
  • Begin shopping for outfits at least 3 weeks out.
  • Discuss goals, location, clothing, concerns etc. with the photographer when booking the shoot. Even though it had been booked for 2 months, I had a meltdown about my wardrobe one week before and Colleen talked me through it. Thank you Colleen.
  • Pack outfits in a suitcase the night before.
  • If the make-up artist isn't coming with you to the shoot, BUY THE MAKE-UP! This can be the lipstick, mascara, or whatever you think is the most likely to get ruined. In summer shoots, I buy the foundation in case I sweat. This time, I went to Mac for my make-up. I always buy the lipstick used on me even if I don't think I'll wear it again. I like to snack, but food tends to take lipstick with it. Speaking of...
  • Bring snacks. I know I'm always eating, but seriously. Being hungry during a shoot can be a distraction.

Some bonus tips from Blue Harvest:

  • Plan a back up date for weather.
  • For those with kids, plan the shoot around their schedule