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In 2015 I had a DOUBLE injury that turned in to a victory! I was only one year in to my full time career in music when I couldn't use my hands. I literally had no idea what to do, but things turned around!

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Wedding Songs Series: Bride Entrance Songs

You're trying got figure out every detail of your wedding and you can even visualize it thanks to Pinterest. But what about what it will sound like?

Since this is such a big moment for brides, the most common question I receive: "What song should I walk down the aisle to?" As I stated in the previous post, it has to be special to for that couple. For every wedding I've done, it has been perfect for that specific couple.

I can give one tip which is to pick the part of the song with a "big moment" or a climax. That can be the bridge, the chorus, or even from the intro in to the verse. Also, make sure there is enough time before the big moment to give the audience time to stand and face their attention to where the bride will enter. An alternate method is to have all music stop to cue everyone to rise, then begin a song.

So what would I do for my own wedding? You didn't ask and I'm not engaged, but I'm taking the opportunity to talk about me. This is when I slip in to every girl's Pinterest-wedding-dream-board, dude-free world and give you a peek into my imagination for my own perfect wedding. These aren't recommendations, but merely what I would pick for myself. Here are the top 4 choices I'd lose sleep over:

4. "Marry Me" - Train

I said this song would make more lists and it has. I just love this song because it's the perfect wedding song. It fits for almost anything except getting people up to dance during the reception. And it works as a bride entrance song  because the last words are, "Say you will." Depending on what the officiant is using, it fits perfectly.

3. "Come Away With Me" - Norah Jones

This has sentimental value for me. This was the bride entrance song for one of the first weddings I performed in. This is actually and when I learned to look for a climax in a song. The bride wanted the doors to open coming out of the bridge and in to the last chorus. It was a beautiful moment. And I shamelessly takes things that I think are beautiful. I just hope she doesn't mind! :-)

2. "Love Story/Vida La Viva" - The PianoGuys version

I feel this song is long enough to cover all the entrances: parents, bridal party, ring bearer, flower girl... anyone and everyone. Then there's a moment in the song where it shifts from "Love Story" to "Viva La Vida" then they start singing and it's just gorgeous. That is when I would want the doors to open for me. 

In a perfect world, I'd have a video to go along with it, BUT we won't get in to that. Why not? (Here comes my fired up side) 'Cause one stupid day, I spoke my Pinterest plans out loud to my boyfriend (bad idea). I spent the next 30 minutes clenching my fists and speaking very passionately and defensively trying to get him over the fact that its an instrumental mash up with a Taylor Swift song, whom he cannot stand. ...But I digress.

I love my boyfriend. 

1. "Here Comes the Bride"

I'm traditional at heart. When people hear the intro, they know to stand and that it's the big moment. Upon hearing it, they usually don't have to be told to rise. I also prefer it on guitar.  It makes it seem so intimate. 


So there you have it! My top choices. The next post is a really fun one - processional songs! 


Until Next Time!


Wedding Songs Series: Unity Songs

No matter where I play, people and brides that I’m working with always ask me what my favorite songs to play are. In all honesty, I have to take a few steps back and really think on it. Picking favorites becomes hard because different songs work for different situations and different people. When a couple tells me that they want a particular song performed, it is special just for that couple in that particular moment. So it’s really difficult for me to pick a favorite. That being said, I’m going to try to pick favorites anyway for the next couple of posts. 


For this post, I’ll focus songs for the Unity portion of a ceremony. This is when when a couple does candle lighting, sand pouring, tree planting/watering, letter writing, or whatever symbolic ritual they have chosen. These are my top 5 picks that I feel are capture that mood very well. 


1. “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz


The lyrics to this are very fitting for the Unity portion of a ceremony. I’m not married, but from my understanding it can be hard. I think singing an anthem like this that you’re not going to give up is total perfection. 

2. “Hope for Me Yet” by Marc Broussard


I will probably pick this song for this part of my own wedding whenever I get married. First off, I love Marc Broussard. Second, as a singer, vocally this is just beautiful. It’s a real joy when I get to sing it, BUT it’s in a different tuning, so I can’t say it’s my favorite for ceremonies. It requires bringing a second guitar so I’m not tuning while the officiant is trying to talk.


3. “Lovesong” by The Cure (Adele’s version)

https://youtu.be/DyM5jb2ZABs - Adele’s version

This is my alternate choice for my own wedding. I love this one because it is wedding appropriate, but very gender neutral. Let’s be real. Most weddings sway toward a more feminine feel. Due to the many artists who have covered this song, I have found that most guys have a version they like and thanks to Adele there is a female version, so brides are satisfied too. When I play this, I do Adele’s version.


4. “Marry Me”


I honestly feel like this just the perfect all around wedding song. To me, it is appropriate for almost any portion of a wedding. I first learned about finger picking thanks to this song and it’s a lot of fun for me to play on guitar. I’m sure this will make many of my other lists. 

5. “A Thousand Years"


I am not a Twilight fan, but I do think this song is great for weddings, especially as the unity song. It fits the more reflective mood and talks about love that lasts for a long time (I'm avoiding the pun here). I think it’s very fitting and I typically see people mouthing the words along with it. 


So there you go! My top 5 choices for unity songs! Next time, I’l be talking about Bride Entrance songs. :-)


Until next time!